Thursday, September 19th

Mariana Risquez - New Queen of Latin Soul

Mariana Risquez - The New Queen of Latin Soul

Mariana Risquez - The New Queen of Latin Soul
With 8 nominations to the "Detroit Music Awards" and acredited with the "Latinos in Michigan TV" activist -artist award, Mariana Risquez arrives to the city of Miami as an outstanding singer-songwriter and a seasoned world music vocalist that because of her great talent, has come to be known in the U.S as "The New Queen of Latin soul" TM
The artist is giving an exclusive intimate concert in Miami, Fl called “My Expressions”, presenting her original music, soul, ballads, jazz, pop and latin music fusions and her genuine and naive visual art work.
You are invited to enjoy this unique experience at the very best live music bar #Openstageclub in Coral Gables.
For more info & early bird tickets #Now on sale go to:

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